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This 4th book by Harry zur Kleinsmiede is the supplement to the series of three books for collectors of View-Master reels. This supplement offers additional information, unknown issues, new releases, excerpts from dealer magazines, personal Viewmaster memories and much more. The book also gives an overvbiew of Reel Lists and Mailorder Forms. 

The book has 480 pages including eight full colour sections of four pages each.

This 4th volume is so much more then a supplement to the three volumes. It gives for example an overview of Reel Lists and Mail Order Forms. Also there are lots of interesting facts and info about for example Viewmaster look-alikes, Alpha Cine packets, Basic Fun viewmaster, Russian look-alikes, VM made in Spain, Stereorama, VM made in India, Chinese look-alikes, Australian VM and look-alikes, Sawyer’s Europe, View-Master reels/packets and blisters in Japanese language, Playskool blister packs, new Appendixes on 'Scenic America Reels' and 'Swing-Out Packets', personal VM-memories by Harry zur Kleinsmiede and much, much more.

This supplement is a must-have add-on to the series of 3 books about Viewmaster reels by Harry zur Kleinsmiede. However, this 4th book can be bought, read and enjoyed without the other books also. It holds so much information about so many subjects, that it is a great read and catalogue for both Viewmaster reel AND viewer/hardware collectors.

Available since October 15, 2015 (the day that 50 years ago William Gruber - inventor of the Viewmaster - passed away).


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5 - 5 of 18 results