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Scan-Master - viewmaster smartphone digitizer

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The Scan-Master is a universal smartphone adapter for digitizing your viewmaster reels.

The adapter is easy adjustable to work with smartphones of different sizes.


Scan-Master will work with stereo viewers that have round lenses.

This is because the adapter clamps around the lens. By rotating the round part of the adapter the size is adjusted.

So, the adapter will fit different sizes of lenses. 


Not only viewmaster images can be digitized this way, but also stereo slides, microsope-images, or even binocular images.


The Scan-Master will work great on viewmaster viewers with custom lenses, like the ones made by Van Ekeren or Möller. Also the De Wijs viewers can be used. The good news is that these viewers have high quality lenses, rendering an awesome result.


The viewers are not included in the sale.


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4 - 4 of 8 results