Lightbox for De Wijs Viewmaster viewer - halogen version, Van Ekeren series

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This is the extremely hard to find Lightbox for the De Wijs viewmaster viewers. The de Wijs Company made 113 custom-made aluminium viewmaster viewers, in the year 1997 and 1999. These are generally accepted by most collectors to be the best View-Master style viewers ever made.

The de Wijs viewers are catch-the-light, but a special custom Lightbox was created by Co van Ekeren. Only a few were ever made; certainly not as much as 113. The lightboxes are nearly impossible to find and almost never for sale.

On offer is a Co van Ekeren built custom lightbox for the De Wijs viewers; is offer Nimh batteries with a capacity of 4,8 volts. The charger is included and is tyo be used on 9 volts. Fully discharged batteries take around 14 hours to recharge. If the attachment is plugged into the charger, it works directly. 

The bulb used is halogen, 5,2 volts 850mA. An Osram nr. 66406530 will work perfectly for example.

The lightbox has a seperate metal plate, that is connected to the viewer. Screws are included. Then the lightbox can easily be clamped on.

See the pictures.

Please note: the viewer is NOT included in the sale.


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