Twin Rollei stereo camera by Co van Ekeren - synchronized shutter, 2x 8MP

Twin Rollei stereo camera by Co van Ekeren - synchronized shutter, 2x 8MP

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This is a twinned camera setup, made by Co van Ekeren, who sadly passed away in 2012. Van Ekeren was a genius in the 3D world and he is very sadly missed. These Rollei RCP-8427XW camera's were twinned by him. They have a very high sync and quality; 2x 8 MP resolution. By pressing the shutter of 1 camera, both camera's take a picture at the EXACT same time.

The camera's are on a lightweight slidebar, the complete setup only weighing 662 gramms. This setup offers a stereo base of 9,5 cm up to 35 cm. For normal stereo picture taking that would mean you need to have a distance to the nearest object of around 3 metres to 10,5 metres. Thus, this setup is extremely versatile. It will offer a perfect stereobase for many great 3D pictures.

The Rollei camera is an awesome camera with lots of options and a great Rollei Apogon zoomlens, with 28 mm wideangle and 112 mm zoom. Also, the 8MP (times 2) is all you will ever need.

This setup is just a little larger then a Fuji W3 camera, but it will give you a much better quality 3D!

This Co van Ekeren made set looks and works great. There are battery chargers included and also 2 extra batteries.

Van Ekeren setups are - in my humble opinion - the best you can get. I still use my twin Panasonic set by Van Ekeren a lot, both private and professionally.

The setup on offer will serve you well!


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