Stereo Realist 1050 Custom camera, with box, manual and carrying case

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On offer here a Stereo Realist 1050 Custom camera, in original case and with original manual and carrying case. The camera is in a great looking and working condition.


The Realist 1050 Custom stereo camera was introduced in 1959 and was promoted from the beginning as a luxurious, top of the line, precision crafted instrument. The Custom camera had several important enhancements, apart from a better and shinier look.


Most important enhancement are the Rare Earth Optics. The Custom camera features German-made f2.8 lenses. These were manufactured by Steinheil, using "rare earth" glass, which is clearer and more efficient than the silicate sand glass used in ordinary lenses.


The lens cover has an engraved name plate; wich is clearly different from ordinary Realists. The rotating lens rings are circular and have a small peg-like handle which makes it much easier to rotate and adjust the aperture. Aperture markings are at the top and can be viewed from the top. Also the Custom camera has 'focusing clicking'; wich means that as you turn the focusing knob, you can hear clicks. This prevents the focusing for slipping accidentally and gives a feeling of how quickly the focus is changed as you look through the viewfinder. The wind and rewind knobs are larger than ordinary knobs and labeled. also, the leather used on the custom-camera is  coarse-grain genuine kangaroo leather, instead of the usual goat leather used on other Realists.


Production records indicate that fewer than 2.500 Realist Custom cameras were manufactured. Many collectors consider the 1050 Custom to be a beautiful example of fine craftsmanship. Combine that beauty and quality with superior optics and scarcity, and the Realist Custom becomes a very special and wanted 3D camera. If you will be shooting a Stereo Realist, get the best.


The Custom 2.8 Realist stands in a class of its own.


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