The QUEEN ViewMaster projector, custom Stereomatic 500 in carrying case

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This Stereomatic 500 Viewmaster Projector looks like a regular projector at first glance, but it is in fact a fully customized and upgraded machine. In short, this projector has new  lenses, wich give a wider view and can be focussed individually. Also this projector has a new, better cooling and more silent fan. This 220 volts projector is converted for using Halogen light; it takes a 24 volts 250 watts Halogen bulb; the necessary transformer is also built-in the projector. Then there are an added small, but smart led-light for reading reels at the back of the projector, a new power connector and some constructional changes 'under the hood' for better airflow and cooling of the projector in use. The outside of the projector doesn't really change and the projector still offers that beautiful vintage look. Offcourse the projector is in perfect looking shape from the outside; painted where (and when) needed and fully cleaned. The mirrors and polarizers were put in new.


This is really THE BEST Viewmaster projector ever. This is the most intensive customizing project for this projector ever and it is fully customized by hand, by wellknown viewmaster specialist Hans Moller from Germany. He is a wellknown technical specialist and viewmaster enthousiast. Collectors and other viewmaster lovers know him well, because he built some of the best customized viewmaster viewers ever; starting decades ago.

See the pictures of the projector and the comparison picture with the unchanged black Stereomatic 500.


The QUEEN ViewMaster projector is THE BEST EVER for many reasons:


- Superbright Halogen bulb inside, 250 watts, 220 volts.

- New, better and wider lenses; 45mm F2.8 ISCO PROJAR, giving a larger and brighter image at the same distance. Look at the comparison picture; the black stereomatic is unchanged; the beige projector is a QUEEN. Note that the black projector has 2 1/4 inch lenses.

- A new, more powerful but quieter fan.

- Sharpness focussing can be adjusted for each lens seperately. When you are projecting older reels, they sometimes show cupping, wich can result in an unsharp projection image. The lenses can be focussed the regular way with the large wheel on top of the projector. Also the right lens can be focussed individually by turning it left or right. A mark on the lens ring shows where the focus is the same with the left lens.

- Added a small led-light for reading reels - at the back of the projector - in a darkened room.

- Smart constructional changes near the bulb and under the hood, for better airflow and a cooler projector when in use.

- New mirrors, polarized filters and a new power connector for a regular power cable. Gorgeous outside condition. Projector in better than new shape!


The projector is complete with power cable, polarized glasses, a testreel for adjusting the bulb position after changing bulbs and manual.


Please note that you need a silver screen to project polarized stereo images. A quality projector needs a quality screen. If you do not have a screen, we can suggest where to get one.


Preferably the projector can be picked up in Zwolle, The Netherlands. But it can be sent worldwide also. I then package extremely well; box-in-a-box and with lots of padding and protection.


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