Fabeltjeskrant box-set, bright white G, 2 records and viewmaster reels

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This viewmaster box-set was custom made - not an official Viewmaster product - wich is probably why the word 'viewmaster' isnt used on the box or record sleeves. Copyright issues. This is however a hard to find set, only issued and sold in Holland and Belgium, in Dutch language.

The box holds the very hard-to-find bright white Model G View-Master Viewer, only issued with this set. Also there are two reels and two 45 rpm records. This was issued by a Dutch company in 1969-1970. The reels have images from the popular Dutch children's TV show. The records have 4 stories that go with the 3d pictures on the 2 reels. One story is for example 'Truus the ant and the falling leaves'. And another: 'Stoffel can't drive on'.

The viewer is in a nice looking shape. Often these viewers have a problem with the color that yellows over time. This one has a hint iof yellowing, but not too bad. The 2 records are in good shape. The records played fine on my vintage record player. The reels show usage, but are very well viewable. The outer box is very nice!

The 3D in these diorama reels is awesome! Even if you can't understand the language, listening to the stories on the records is lots of fun also.


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