Red Sterolist Viewer - UK-made 7 perf. stereo slide viewer - adjust focus and interocular - LED-bulb

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The Sterolist is the British version of the Realist stereo slide viewers.

This very hard to find bakelite viewer has several improvements over the Stereo Realist viewers. Most importantly, the Sterolist allows stereo slide viewing up to, and including 7 Perf. Europen format stereo slides. There were different models of the Sterolist viewers, in line with the Stereo Realist red and white button viewers. The UK-made Sterolist comes in a white button and a red button version. Both offer awesome quality; the red button viewer has double element lenses; the white button viewer offers single element lenses.


For the stereo enthusiast who shoots or collects slides of 7 perforations (taken for example with a Belplasca stereo camera, or a custom made RBT camera) this viewer is the perfect answer. With this Stereolist one can view 7 Perf. as well as 5 Perf. stereo slides. It is no use to shoot 7 perforations stereo slide and view them in a 5 perforation viewer. This is why the Sterolist viewers are very wanted, especially by European stereo photographers.

The excellent quality viewer offers both inter-ocular adjustment (the ability to move the viewing lenses to match the users eye spacing) and also focusing. The viewer has glass double element lenses giving a clear, sharp image. The viewer is powered by two 1.5v 'D' size batteries and the lamp is activated by pressing the red button at the rear of the device.

This red button Sterolist bears the companies Owl-symbol trademark.

The viewer on offer is vintage, but in great condition! The lenses and housing where cleaned, the inside rreflective part newly painted white and an led-bulb is added for best lighting. Focus and interocular adjustment work fine and smooth.

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