RBT X3 Stereo camera, based on Ricoh XR-X3pf, owned and customized by David Klutho, 28mm and 100mm

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If you want the best in analog stereo photography; RBT camera's are the only choice. Made for perfect synchronization and with linked lenses. This makes 3d photography easy and lots of fun. Making slides with a RBT camera will also give you the best possible quality you could wish for. Nothing beats a good (and well mounted) stereo slide.

On offer here is a very special RBT X3 in great working condition. This camera has been owned and customized by top professional 3D photographer David Klutho. He published several books with awesome 3D photography and he was a very wellknown 3D sports and swimsuit photographer for Sports Illustrated, for over 25 years.

Take a look at the pictures. Shown is the actual camera on offer.

This is a unique onetime offer.

About the camera; this is the RBT X3-version, with image format 24x36mm. You can shoot 18 stereo pairs on a 36 film.

Offcourse the lenses are interchangeable. The full range linkage of the lenses is just awesome. There are 2 spacers included for the 100mm and 28mm lens sets.

The Ricoh XR/X3pf is an awesome camera. The twinned RBT version offers the same options, like shutter speeds from 1/16th up to 1/3000th and automatic film advance through built in motor.

This camera was used for the Sports Illustrated issues, for theSports Illustrated 3D books and for the Sports Illustrated Sydney Olympics 2000. The awesome customized camera is still in great working condition.

What is included:

- a pair of SMC Pentax f2.8 28mm lenses, with custom geared linkage
- a pair of SMC Pentax f2.8 100mm lenses, with custom geared linkage
- B&W filters for all lenses
- Takumar metal lens hoods for 100 mm lenses
- Ricoh flash, Speedlite 403P
- an issue of Stereo World, with Klutho interview, signed by David Klutho
- an issue of the hardcover book 3D Sports Blast, signed by David Klutho
- a custom-made Versa-Flex nylon belt-case

This camera was acquired straight from the original owner David Klutho.

Also see the file (in German) below for download.

The RBT camera on offer is a serious setup for professional results.


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