RBT S1 Stereo Camera - twinned Konica Hexar 2, 35mm in awesome condition

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If you want the best in analog stereo photography; RBT camera's are the only choice. Made for perfect synchronization and with linked lenses. This makes 3d photography easy and lots of fun. Making slides with a RBT camera will also give you the best possible quality you could wish for. Nothing beats a good (and well mounted) stereo slide. The best of the RBT camera's is the RBT S1, on offer here.


Take a look at the pictures. Shown is the actual camera on offer.


Offering here a very wanted and hightech RBT-model; the S1. It is in very nice condition. Also the camera is in great working condition. Get it and you can start shooting right away. This camera produces the sharpest looking 35mm 3D slides you will ever have seen!


Great thing about the S1 is that it is highly automated in function. You do not even have to wind the film at all; you just put in the film and it winds automatically. You can choose between P, A and M(anual) mode. If you want you can shoot the camera full automatic, but also you can set everything yourself. I like the A(perture) mode myself. You set aperture on the camera and it produces the needed shutter time, warning you when it gets to long (camera shake) or too short for the camera's function. Especially in F2 aperture you get great results. You dont need much light and the background blurs. Great effect and very sharp pictures!


This simply is an amazing stereo camera. The F2 35mm lenses are really of the best quality. Amongst photgraphers the lenses are compared to the Leica 35mm F2 lens wich is one of the best lenses ever made. The RBT S1 is made from 2 Konica Hexar camera's. These cams have a cult status because of the great lens it offers. A 2D Konica Hexar is very wanted and brings hundreds of euros when sold.


The RBT S1 stereo camera's are no longer made. They are very wanted.


The S1 on offer is in great looking and working shape. A (copy) manual for the (2D) Konica Hexar camera is included. Also see the file (in German) below for download.


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