Radio Kootwijk in 3D - The Netherlands

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This 3D reel holds 7 images of the wellknown broadcasting station Radio Kootwijk in The Netherlands. Ronald Schalekamp made 7 awesome 3D photo's of the outside AND inside of this monumental building in the middle of nature.

Radio Kootwijk is a Dutch former, early broadcasting station in the midst of nature. Close to Apeldoorn it formed an important communication link between the Netherlands and its former colonies, in particular the Dutch East Indies, in the first half of the 20th century.

The building made entirely of concrete is a national monument. It was built from 1918. Houses were also built for workers, which together formed the village Radio Kootwijk. The architect, Julius Luthmann, based the design of the broadcasting station mainly on the Großfunkstation of Telefunken near Nauen, to which he made several visits. In addition, he was inspired by the image of a sphinx. The shape of this mythical creature can be recognized in the building, especially from the air. The building's best-known nickname is 'the Cathedral'.

The art-deco style building, with sculptures by famous sculptor Hendrik van den Eijnde, appeals to the imagination of many artists. Since 2005, the Dutch Staatsbosbeheer owns the building under the brand name 'Hier Radio Kootwijk' and it is rented out as an event and meeting location. Apart from this the building is closed for visitors.



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