Ruttian Roulette, which lie is next? - reel and viewer in box

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This 3D Reelz set of viewer and reel shows how the Dutch political party VVD and prime minister Mark Rutte dealt with facts and the truth. Doing business with the party or the man is like Ruttian Roulette. You never know if a statement is sincere, or just a "shot of lies and distortions."

Purchase this 3D viewer with reel and play Ruttian Roulette. If you dare...

The text on the reel-images is in Dutch, with an English translation on the inside of the box.


1. Mark Rutte talks about society as a fragile vase, yet politically he is first to financially favor large multinational companies, instead of the hard-working civilian.

2. Mark Rutte says he did get written information on dividendtaxes, he just couldnt remember it. So that means he was honest.

3. Mark Rutte promised the deductible for the health insurance would not be raised.

4. Mark Rutte says he did right to the no-voters (61%) in the Ukraine referendum. 'Their NO is now a YES.'

5. Mark Rutte says everyone needs to pay for a better environment. 'Not the large companies. Those will be stimulated with subsidies.'

6. Mark Rutte really felt 'in his heart' dividentaxes for multinational companies should be abolished. 'Offcourse i havent consulted companies about that.'

7. 'Yes, we used the wrong information to calculate the energy cost increase. Silly us!' 'Nothing will be compensated.'



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