Queen-Pro Stereo Slidebars - set of 2 aluminum slidebars (60cm en 120cm)

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This set of Queen-Pro stereo slide bars consists of two aluminum rails, 60cm and 120cm, two sliding plates and four adjustable feet. These Queen-Pro stereo slidebars offer a very high quality at the most competitive price in the market. These heavy-duty slidebars have a sophisticated, smooth but robust sliding mechanism, so very heavy cameras (tripod heads and more) will move smoothly back and forth. According to the manufacturer's specifications, a weight of 15 kg per sliding plate is no problem. However, even when pushing down on the sliding plate with all your strength - and we have really tested this - the plates still move easily.

The sliding plates are easy to remove from the rail, allowing easy camera or tripod mounting. It is also so easy to swap between the short (60 cm) and the long (120 cm) slidebar. The sliding plates are 10cm x 7.5cm large and have connections for 1/4 and 3/8 inch camera and tripod sockets. There is also a built-in level in the two sliding plates. Using the sturdy knobs, the sliding plates can be locked, or the resistance can be adjusted.

As the slidebars are made of aluminum, these are very lightweight, the whole set of slidebar, 2 plates and adjustable feet weighs less than 1.5 kg for the 60cm long slidebar. This shorter slidebar is perfect for digital SLR cameras. The slidebar measuring 120 cm long is very suitable for hyperstereo images. The slidebars are 6 cm wide. In the middle of the slidebar and at its both ends, threaded connections for camera and tripod are present. This making it easy to mount the short and the long slidebars on two tripods, wich offers a more stable base. At the ends is also a screw connector for the supplied feet. These very sturdy legs are easily adjustable in height. Thanks to the feet the slidebars can also be used without a tripod, for example on the floor, or on a table.

A camera can be mounted directly onto the sliding plates, but also by means of a tripod head. Another possibility is using a battery grip for easy installing of the camera's on the sliding plates.

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This set consist of 2 slidebars, 2 sliding plates and 4 sets of feet.


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