3D Souvenir, folding stereo viewer (prints or medium format slides)

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Offering here a great new stereo viewer, by a wellknown manufacturer. These folding viewers are offering great possibilities for stereo print viewing. These viewers are really sturdy and foldable. GREAT for GIFTS or PROJECTS.


Every viewer is packed and sealed individually in plastic; so no scratched lenses. A small manual for folding the viewer is included. With these viewers you can not only watch your own stereocards (14 x 8 cm maximum) - read about our unique readymade templates further on - but you can also watch Medium Format stereo slides with these. These MF slides fit perfectly and the back of the viewer acts as a diffuser, to make a great steal-the-light viewer.


The lenses in these viewers are high quality, with a diameter of 33mm and a focal lenght of about 75mm. They offer great clear viewing, without distortion or chromatic abberation. So rest assured for quality. These viewers are really what every stereo enthousiast has been waiting for. A great, folding and affordable viewer to use and to give away. Give it to family or friends with a number of pictures you made. Or use it for promotion or tourism, the possibilities are endless.


These stereoviewers being of great quality and really affordable; they are especially nice for give-aways, or your own 3D projects. It is really easy to make your own stereoviews for these viewers. We will supply you with a FREE set of readymade templates to easily put in your stereopictures. Load the template, put in your left and right pictures, save and print. That's all there is to it, to make a stereoview for these folding viewers. Remember, you get these templates only with us; they were handmade for you. We offer 3 FREE templates. Two in the landscape format, for 3:2 and 4:3 dimensions; and one in square or portrait format. The templates are available for download here: 3d-card-templates.zip

One of our regular customers - and 3D enthusiast - Bas de Reuver made a template for the 3D Souvenir Viewers. With this template you can simply have photos printed by an online service. He designed the template for the Fuji 3D camera's, but it should work with other stereo pictures also.
You can download his template, with manual in English here:


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