Fuji Real 3D W1 camera - worlds first digital 3D compactcamera - lightly used

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On offer is a Fuji W1 camera, lighty used, but in awesome looking and working condition.

Charger included.

The small 3d-logo that light up when opening the lenscover (starting the camera) is missing. It is not a problem whatsoever for using the camera.

Although the newer Fuji W3 offers more options in taking photo's, the W1 is more sturdy, still offering 2x 10 MP quality. The images of the Fuji W1 and W3 are of the same high quality.

The Fujifilm Real 3D W1 camera was the first digital 3D compactcamera in the world. There is no need for 3D glasses to view the 3D pictures - and videos. The screen on the back of the camera is a special 3D-LCD. Of course, the photos, if desired, can also be viewed with other viewers or 3D glasses. The photos (parallel stereo images, so the left and right image next to eachother) can be easily converted with Stereo Photo Maker (free download).

The Fujifilm Real 3D W1 camera has two lenses, ensuring a perfect 3D photo or film. The camera has 10 MP and 3 times optical zoom. Of course you can also use the Fuji 3D camera to shoot normal pictures in 2D. The camera has many clever tools and capabilities, based on the two lenses the camera offers. The Dual Camera Mode makes it possible to make 2 pictures at once, with different camera settings. 

The camera has an internal memory of 42 MB to save your first pictures. On top, the camera also uses SD cards for storage, including SDHC cards. For the recording of 3D images the camera uses the new MP-format. For movies the AVI-format is used. The MP-format (Multi Picture format) is a new standard for 3D photography, with 1 file, that holds the left and right images of the 3D image. The camera can also capture still images in both the MP-format (3D) and JPEG (2D).

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