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LED BULB LAMP for Viewmaster and Stereo Viewers like Realist & more. E10 screw

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If you want the best viewing experience from your viewmaster viewer, Realist viewer, or other stereo viewer, then this LED bulb is an absolute MUST. This will produce the best looking, bright light, with a color temperature similar to daylight. This is how any slides should be seen: using a lightsource that is similar to sunlight.

With this LED E10 srew bulb you can convert your stereoscopic viewer to LED light in a few seconds. Just screw out the old/regular bulb and screw this LED bulb back in. That's all there is to it.

This bulb will give you the most georgeous lighting ever! You will see your slides in a new light, in a new way and with more fun!

This LED-bulb creates an even lighting, daylight color temperature. 


The advantages of LED light are many:


- LED light gives the BEST lighting, very bright white. Similar to daylight/sunlight!

- LED-lightbulbs last almost forever. This special bulb last over 300 times longer then a standard OR halogen bulb. So no need to change bulbs. Low cost! ECO Friendly also.

- The color temperature of this LED bulb does not change at all, no matter how fresh or drained the batteries are!

- LED light needs much less energy then a normal or halogen bulb. A halogen bulb needs for example 850 mA; this LED-lightbulb only a fraction of that. Your batteries will last many times longer. You save on batteries right away!

- the LED bulb is VERY easy to install. Your viewer will not be changed or damaged. After all it's just a bulb. If you want to take it out, you just do; and you can use it in several viewers.




If you are going to buy an LED bulb, you definitely need this one on offer. It offers the advantages mentioned above. This bulb is in fact a pretty ingenius product. It operates on 1 to 9 volts and the output of the light is altered according to the voltage input. So this bulb will fit any viewer (or other product) that uses 1 to 9 volts. This includes all lighted Viewmaster viewers (and light attachments) and 35mm stereo slide viewers. This bulb only takes 0.5W of power, but offers over 90LM brightness! Also it offers a lightbeam angle of 120 degrees. When you buy a LED-bulb be sure to check these specifications. A 60 or 90 degrees angle of the lightbeam is useless.




Offcourse these bulbs are multifunctional. They are standard E10 screw bulbs. They will not only fit your stereoscope viewers, but also your other products with a bulb. Flashlights, bike lights and anything you can think off. Offcourse the special advantages of these bulbs are GREAT for 3D (or 2D) viewing of slides. You will never want to go back to another bulb. Buy one for your viewmaster; another one for your Realist (type) stereo viewer, you will not regret it. However i do not recommend this bulb for Kodak Stereo viewers. The design of that viewer and this bulb do not match.


When you use this bulb, you might have to change the orientation of your batteries. So, if the light doesnt come on, just turn them the other way around; this polarity change will do the trick.



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