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Fuji Real 3D W3 camera - digital 3D compact camera with full HD movies - MINT

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On offer is lightly used Fuji W3 3D camera, in great looking shape.

Included are the camera, the charger, 2 batteries and a manual.

Please see the images.

The Fuji W3 3D camera is a great compact camera for 3D images. The camera has an image processor that allows movies to be made in full HD quality (720p). In addition, there is a large 3D LCD-screen, on which you can see 3D without 3D glasses. The W3 is equipped with a mini-HDMI connection, dual 10-megapixel sensor and 3x optical zoom. The HDMI output allows the camera to be easily connected to a 3D TV. So you see your pictures and 3D films in 3D on your TV.

This camera offers many manual settings for aperture and shutter speed. That is a huge creative plus over the first model W1. The camera is not only a very good 3D camera, but in 2D it is also a very good camera. Because it has 2 lenses and sensors there are also many interesting possibilities in 2D. For example you can simultaneously make a wide angle and tele-photo. Or capture two photos in different exposures at once.

For the recording of 3D images the camera uses the MPO-format. For movies the (3d)AVI-format is used. The MPO-format (Multi Picture format) is a new standard for 3D photography, with 1 file, that holds the left and right images of the 3D image. The camera can also capture still images in both the MPO-format (3D) and JPEG (2D).

All in all, this is a beautiful 3D camera, that makes 3D photography quite simple.

For exact specifications, download the W3 brochure:

Download brochure Fuji W3


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Fuji W3 camera - EXTRA BATTERY - high capacity, 1400 maH Fuji W3 camera - EXTRA BATTERY - high capacity, 1400 maH
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Super Wide LED Cyclopital 3D for Fuji W3 Super Wide LED Cyclopital 3D for Fuji W3
549.00 € *
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