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Stereo-Rama and the other Italian makes of View-Master look-alikes - with 3D reel

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'Stereo-Rama and the other Italian makes of View-Master look-alikes' is the definitive guide to reels and other View-Master compatible equipment made in Italy since as early as 1952 up to the 1970s. View-Master collectors are aware of the so-called 'Italian' Model C viewer, but many more items exist in this vast world of Italian collectibles. This book contains the history of the many companies and brands that were behind those productions: S.I.S.E., Italstereo, Stereo-Cine, Vis-Ster, Generalstereo, I.F.A.S., Technofilm and, of course, the well-known Stereo-Rama, including the relationships with Bruguière (France) and Estereocolor (Spain).


With in-depth information and filled with images of viewers, reels and catalogs this collectors guide is an invaluable aid to understand what was produced and by whom. A complete display of the beautiful bakelite Stereo-Rama viewers, renowned for their art-deco like design, is present, together with other rare items, such as the infamous and sough-after Offrimex Stereomax viewer made in France.


This book (published 2020) was written by Italian collector Fabio Sabatelli from Pisa. The book holds 158 pages with lots of color photo's. This book is packed with rare collectables you never knew even existed. Complete listings of the reels issued by each company complete this book, making it an indispensable guide for any serious stereo reel/viewer collector.


The book comes with 1 stereoscopic 3D reel showing 7 images of the rarest collectables that are spoken about in the book. The reel will work in any viewmaster viewer. The view-master reel that comes with this book is one of the reels in the series Rare View-Master Collectables.


For a real Italian Stereo-Rama feel, we also offer a perfect looking vintage Stereo-Rama viewer, new old stock in packaging and with 1 added free demoreel. You can add it to your order in the webshop.



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Viewmaster Viewer, Stereo-Rama, New Old Stock - with reel Viewmaster Viewer, Stereo-Rama, New Old Stock - with reel
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