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Medium Format Stereo Slide Viewer - focussing achromatic 100mm glass lenses, superhigh quality - NEW

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This Medium Format Stereo Slide Viewer offers the best viewing experience available. The glass achromatic 100 mm lenses offer the sharpest image possible. The viewer has a wide and smooth focussing option. The diffuser is made from the perfect material, both smooth and transparent enough to let in sufficient light.

For cleaning purposes the 4 screw in the back can be taken out easily. However, when you store the viewer in a closed cupboard or small box, you will normally not have to clean the inside of the viewer. Also because the lenses are protected from the outside by the extra lid that simply clicks on when you are finished viewing.

The viewer will take MF stereo mounts up to 140 mm wide. There are also smaller MF stereo mounts in use of around 132 mm. Especially for those an extra insert is included, to centre those mounts both horizontally and vertically.

Also, there is an insert for 35 mm slide mounts! Offcourse the image will look somewhat smaller inside the large viewer, but it offers a nice extra option when you have this viewer with you and a 35 mm slide is offered.

The MF stereo slide viewer is sturdy, well designed and built and the super high quality glass lenses (100mm achromats) are superb.

When you shoot high quality large format stereo, then use this high quality viewer.

The viewer is new, unused and comes with the both inserts mentioned here.


See a small demo here.



See a small demo here.


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