De Wijs Viewmaster viewer, 1999 BLACK, only 12 made, number 110

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The de Wijs Company made 2 sets of custom-made aluminium viewmaster viewers. A total of 50 viewers were manufactured in the initial production run in 1997. Of that run, numbers 1 to 5 were gold in colour and the remaining 45 were silver. The second and final production run occurred in 1999 when 63 viewers were produced in red(29), blue(18), black(12), green(2) and silver(2). Apart from green and gold, black is the rarest colour, of which only 12 were ever produced.

On offer here is number 110, black.

These viewers offer an impressive 8.2x magnification and also inter-ocular adjustment, allowing the user to alter the distance between the focusable lenses. The diffusers are made from glass and the viewer also features a tripod connector. The lenses can be taken off for cleaning. All de Wijs viewers have a unique serial number engraved into their body.

Hugo de Wijs' viewers are generally accepted by most collectors to be the best View-Master style viewers ever made and on the extremely rare occasions when one is offered for sale, it always achieves a high price.

The unique viewer on offer here is in perfect shape!

See the pictures and the enclosed PDF on this page.


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