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The model D viewer by Viewmaster is regarded as the best original Viewmaster viewer for watching 3D reels. It offers 7x magnification and you can adjust focus using the focussing wheel. The viewer runs on 2 D-size batteries (not included). You can also use a transformer with the model D viewer, but the LED-bulb we add will not work with a transformer. It will run perfectly on batteries. You can always change bulbs offcourse.


Offcourse the model D viewer is used; they were produced between 1955 and 1972. This means any model D viewer is at least over 40 years old. The picture shown here is generic. You receive a model D viewer in great looking condition. There might be small usage marks consistent with age, but no cracks or missing parts. We make sure everything works fine.


We clean the lenses of the viewer by taking them out completely and using an ultrasonic cleaning machine to get the 'dirt of decades' off from the lenses. This way the viewer offers a bright and clear view.


Then we add a LED-bulb for super, bright lighting. This LED-bulb creates an even lighting, daylight color temperature. This bulb will give you the most georgeous lighting ever! You will see your slides in a new light, in a new way and with more fun! When you use this bulb, you might have to change the orientation of your batteries. So, if the light doesnt come on, just turn the batteries the other way around; this polarity change will do the trick.


Please note there are some small variations possible in the model D viewers. They come in black or brown for example. Sometimes the medaillion is missing. If you think that's a problem, let us know. Some viewers come in a box, some don't. Trust us to get you your moneys worth; we will do you justice. You wont regret getting a vintage model D-viewer; they are the best standard viewmaster viewers ever made.


Black or brown?


There is a myth about the brown viewer showing a halo of light in certain cases, while the black shows less of this. To our experience this is nothing more than a myth and we have never exprienced it. The inside part of the viewer holding the achromat lenses is black, both in the brown and black version of the model D. The brown and black viewer are exactly the same and with cleaned lenses and led-bulb offer the same gorgeous viewing experience. We will guarantee it. 

If you nevertheless have a preference for color let us know and we'll work with that.

So, you get a nice looking, vintage model D viewer with an LED-bulb inside. All you need for lots of enjoyment in watching your viewmaster reels; also your own personal 3d shots, made using a viewmaster camera.




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