Hindenburg LZ-129 - 3D GIFTSET, viewer and 2 reels, in flight & disaster

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This special GIFTSET contains 1 high quality viewmaster viewer and 2 3D reelz.

All in a special custom colorful box.


These 2 3D reelz show 14 amazing stereoscopic 3D images of the famous airship Hindenburg LZ-129.

In 14 images the huge zeppelin - the largest ever built - comes alive right before your eyes.

The rare images, carefully collected over many years were meticulously converted into stereoscopic 3D.

The results are stunning!

You are looking at the airship flying past in 3D, you are inside the LZ-129 as if you were there and you are reliving the final last seconds of the terrible disaster on MMay 6, 1937. See the bloodied survivors in total shock, with horror still in their eyes. Watching these images in 3D is a real emotional, historical adventure.


This is what viewmaster was meant to be!


You are buying 2 stereoscopic reels accompanied by an informative leaflet, a viewer and a great looking box.


The reels can be viewed in any view-master viewer.

3D like you never saw before!


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