Super Wide LED Cyclopital 3D for Fuji W3

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This custom made adapter for the Fuji W3 3D camera makes it possible to add 37mm filters and lenses to the Fuji W3 camera. The adapter is made in the USA, it was one of the last produced from the sturdiest material NYLON. The adapter also has a flash contact and pc-connector for flash synchronisation. Then there also is a bubble level built-into the adapter. The adapter has a handy grip that incorporates space to store 2 extra batteries for the Fuji W3 camera.

The Super Wide Angle LED Cyclopital 3D adapter comes as a full set with the Raynox HD5050 Pro lenses. These high-quality 0.5x wide angle lenses are the best in the market and offer Fuji W3 3D images with an awesome wideangle. The Raynox lenses are expensive achromats and hard to find, the best for the job. 

Then also added is a bright LED-lamp that offers great lighting in every situation. Use it as fill-in outside, or as main light inside. Offcourse the adapter offers flas synchronisation, but this LED lamp will offer great lighting without the need for a flash, without draining your camera battery. Also this led-lamp can easily be handheld and pointed in any direction for indirect lighting or lighting from the side. If not sufficient, changing to a flash is always possible. 

The full setup offers extensive new options and possibilities for your W3 camera. The set is easy to take with you. The camera can easily be put inside the adapter and taken out. 

The camera is not included in the sale.

You get;

- new nylon Cyclopital 3D adapter

- two Raynox 37mm HD5050Pro wideangle lenses, like-new.

- new LED-lamp 60 led's.

- 2 extra batteries for your Fuji W3 camera




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Fuji W3 camera - EXTRA BATTERY - high capacity, 1400 maH Fuji W3 camera - EXTRA BATTERY - high capacity, 1400 maH
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