Stereoschiene fur 2 Kameras, blitz und mehr. Mikrometrisch!

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Sorry, only in English language: This NEW stereoscopic slidebar is incredibly versatile. This is really the only one you will ever need. You can use it with 1 camera and make stereo pictures doing the cha-cha (that's what they call taking the 2 pictures for 3D with 1 camera). This slidebar offers a built-in sliding mechanism. You can simply leave the camera and adjust the position, using the graduated slide range. This slidebar offers micrometric adjustment, wich is very handy when shooting stereo images of nearby objects, like macro photography. The slidebar can also be used with two camera's. It will easily take 2 DSLR camera's. The slidebar makes it really easy to position both camera's the way you want to. Further more you can also add flashes in the extra flash shoes on the slidebar. Add one or two (wireless) flashes, or add LED-lights. Nice for macro photography! There is offcourse a tripod attachment and also the camera screws are included. Total length: 310 mm Sliding area's: 90 mm sliding space each Weight: 310 gramms This sturdy and multifunctional slidebar will serve you well in many situations. The weight (310 gramms) allows you to easily take it with you, anywhere.
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