The World of 3-D, a practical guide to stereo photography

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This book by the wellknown Dutch stereophotographer Jac. G. Ferwerda is like the bible for stereo photographers. Thousands of it were sold to 3D enthousiasts worldwide since the first printing in 1982. The most complete book and manual on photography in 3-d. About seeing in 3D, taking stereophotos, stereo mounting (also needed for digital stereo pictures), stereo projection and special techniques. A must for anyone dealing with stereo photography for both beginner and expert.

English, with 27 chapters. And with about 245 illustrations, of wich many are many stereo images. The 3d images can be viewed with a simple 3D viewer, like the Loreo Lite viewer  (not supplied).

The 27 chapters are divided into 6 parts. Starting out simple and going more in-depth along the way. The 6 parts are:

1 An easy beginning: stereo pairs on paper

2 Taking a stereo picture

3 Perfection in stereo mounting

4 Stereo projection

5 Separation of homologous points in stereo mounting and stereo projection

6 A few special stereo techniques


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