Unique custom Nimslo macro-camera with 6 exchangeable lenses

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A unique stereo macro camera with exchangeable lenses, built from a Nimslo  3D camera by the Dutch engineer Ton Pennings. This was so well built that it will render high quality macro images in 3D up to 3,6:1 x magnification.

This set comes with 6 lenses and is actually like 6 camera's in one. Each lens has distance rods that point out were to take the image and at what distance. There are lenses for magnification of 3.6:1, 2,4:1, 2:1, 1,5:1, 0,9:1 and 0,6:1. 

The camera offers 2 seperate left and right slides of each image. So no portrait half-frame images! Smart engineering actually changes the lens base for the different lenses. When you attach the lens to the camera, a latch sets the correct stereo base. See the image of the internal engineering. So you will never have too much - or too less - depth in your macro images.

Ton Pennings is a wellknown Dutch engineer of fine mechanics who built very high quality stereo camera's in the late 80's and 90's. This camera was built in 1993. The basis is a Nimslo camera, but it is hard recognize after all the work Pennings put in. He also built a rotating flash on the camera, that will light each shot perfectly, even those of the 3,6:1 magnification lens, that has a very short focussing distance.

This really is the best analog system you can imagine. Take the camera and the lenses, sturdily built-into the carrying case, and you have all the materials you need for every kiond of macro photography. Only a few of these sets were built. The camera was well tested by me with slides film and it offered me some great, well focussed and exposed, macro images.

The camera and case weigh just over 5 kg. You can buy the camera on this website and postage is calculated. Or you can contact me by e-mail and i will be happy to discuss best and most affordable postage to your location. A pick-up in Zwolle - The Netherlands - can also be arranged.

You can contact us for questions.

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