Roto-Vuer, rotary 60 stereo slides viewer - special custom version in case!

Price includes VAT, but not delivery

This - very nicely designed - Roto-Vuer is a vintage multi-slide viewer from the 1950's. The Roto-Vuer holds 60 Realist-style slides in an exchangeable rotary drum.  You change the slides by pulling the bar toward you and can focus each slide with the focusing knob. On offer here is a special customized version in a hard-case. The case holds a small transformer. You plug the transformer into a wall outlet and the Roto-Vuer into the transformer. For use in Europe and other 220 volts countries an extra transformer (220 - 110 volts) is necessary. I can add one to the sale for 24 euros.

Another custom option is the light intensity knob, built into this viewer. It is located on the back of the viewer. This Roto-Vuer is in great looking and working condition. A unique and very special vintage viewer that will look awesome in display and even better in use. 

Please note that this unit will not accept very thick stereo mounts, like RBT plastic slides.  It was made for the metal Realist-style slides but will also accept cardboard heat-sealed mounts, cardboard slip-in mounts or any other slender mount type. Mounts can be bought either new or used on for example ebay or elsewhere. This viewer comes with 28 stereo slides installed; see below.

The viewer comes complete with manual, a description card for 60 slides and the key to the fantastic case. Further more it already holds 28 stereo pin-up slides. You can either enjoy these, or empty the slip-in mounts and put in your own pictures. 

The manual to this beautiful vintage viewer you can find here. Note that this manual doesnt tell about the custom case and light intensity knob.



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