Fuji Real 3D W3 camera - digital 3D compact camera with full HD movies

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The new Fuji W3 3D camera is definitely a great compact camera for 3D images. Compared to the earlier W1 version it is much improved. The camera has a new image processor that allows movies to be made in full HD quality (720p). In addition, there is an improved and larger 3D LCD-screen, on which you can see 3D without 3D glasses. The W3 is equipped with a mini-HDMI connection, dual 10-megapixel sensor and 3x optical zoom. The HDMI output allows the camera to be easily connected to a 3D TV. So you see your pictures and 3D films in 3D on your TV.


This new camera offers also many manual settings for aperture and shutter speed. That is a huge creative plus over the first model W1. The camera is not only a very good 3D camera, but in 2D it is also a very good camera. Because it has 2 lenses and sensors there are also many interesting possibilities in 2D. For example you can simultaneously make a wide angle and tele-photo. Or capture two photos in different exposures at once.


The 3D images of the W3 can be printed by the special printing service from Fuji. You get them posted in 3D to your home. The result is a lenticular image, similar to the familiar postcards you have to move a little for the 3D effect. For the recording of 3D images the camera uses the MP-format. For movies the (3d)AVI-format is used. The MP-format (Multi Picture format) is a new standard for 3D photography, with 1 file, that holds the left and right images of the 3D image. The camera can also capture still images in both the MP-format (3D) and JPEG (2D). With the included software, users can also convert the MP format to conventional 2D picture files.


All in all, this is a beautiful 3D camera, that makes 3D photography quite simple. If you buy this camera, buy it with an expert in 3D photography, who knows all about 3D technology and can help you with all your questions.


For exact specifications, download the W3 brochure (English) below.

Download brochure Fuji W3


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