Hugo de Wijs stereo slide projector, handmade 1983, in perfect shape

Hugo de Wijs stereo slide projector, handmade 1983, in perfect shape

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Hugo de Wijs stereo slide projector, handmade 1983, in perfect shape


This stereo projector, for single mounts, or stereo mounts (like RBT) was built by the Dutch stereoscopic legend Hugo de Wijs. It was bought by another wellknown stereoscopic enthousiast, Harry zur Kleinsmiede, in 1983 for around 3.500 guilders. Zur Kleinsmiede was the first and only owner of this special stereo projector. He kept it in perfect shape. This projector, made for stereo projection for groups, is extremely well built and engineered. It is very simple to use and maintain, yet offers the highest possible optical quality.


This Hugo de Wijs stereo projector is super high quality, handbuilt. It offers strong halogen lightbulbs, 2x 250 watts, 24 volts. Built especially for stereo projection for larger cowds.

The projector offers 3 sets of lenses, easily swappable. there is a set of 85 mm, 100 mm and 150 mm lenses.

There are also 2 sets of condenser-lenses, easily swappable. The condensors are built into a frame that easily slides out, to make place for another frame with other condensors. There is one frame for the 85mm and 100 mm lenses, and one frame for the 150 mm lenses.

The polarisation filters are just as easily swappable. They are also built into a frame that simply slides out of the projector.

The lenses can be set for interocular distance, vertical correction and focus.The cooling fan works seperate from the lightbulbs.

Originally there were Sylvania EHJ 250 watts, 24V, G 6,35 bulbs in the projector, wich we found a perfect Osram alternative for, Osram 64655 HLX. 250 W, 24V, G6,35. The projector comes with 2 new, spare Osram bulbs.

This is a unique projector, built by a specialist for a specialist. If you are into analog stereo photography, this projector is the best you can get. Study the images and you will soon see why and how well engineered this projector is. Being built by Hugo de Wijs this projector is a rare collectable also and in a few years it will look very good in a museum also.

The projector weighs, with add-ons and packaging, just over 30 kg. So postage is steep, especially overseas. You can buy the projector on this website and postage is calculated. Or you can contact me by e-mail and i will be happy to discuss best and most affordable postage to your location. A pick-up in Zwolle - The Netherlands - can also be arranged.

You can contact us for questions.

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